Project Management Office Services

Project management  office services (PMO) is a widely used term in the developed countries for all major industries. The basic philosophy behind these services is that the principal client shall hire us to manage their projects and the scope of work shall vary, based on client’s requirements.

If our Client is a big organization which already has enough staff to manage projects we could give them Consultancy in form of Supportive PMO. Our major services in this regards could be,

  • Provide trainings to the Project Managers related with modern techniques of Project Management based on latest PMBOK guidelines.
  • Provide Project Management Templates which have been developed by our experienced professionals over the years during the span of their career.
  • Provide Project Management Audits to see whether correct PMO procedures are being implemented in the organization.
  • Develop Project Time Schedules in Primavera P6 and Project Budgets.
  • Provide the Progress Reporting services on your behalf by operating in virtual environment .

If the client is looking forward to engage our staff partially for Project Controlling purposes we can provide  you services in the form of controlling PMO in this case our planning engineer and qunitit y surveyor (see controlling PMO on the main page for organization chart of this type of PMO) would br present at your site/offices to assist you in Project Management issues. Our services could be,

  • Development of a detailed Project management including baseline Time Plan, Cost Baseline etc.
  • Monitoring deviances from the Project Management Plan during the execution phase and suggesting corrective actions.
  • Providing material reconciliations at site to underline the differences between budgeted material consumption and actual material consumption.
  • Forward/Verify payment certificates on your behalf based on the nature of service provider you are on the project.
  • Providing Manpower histograms based on calculated manhour productivities to ensure that the manpower at site is neither surplus nor less during the entire time period.

In the third possibility the clients can engage us for entire Project Management of their works i.e  Directive PMO and in this case we shall be providing the entire Project Management team along with necessary support from our virtual teams. In this case some of the services that we shall provide are ,

Complete Contract Management Services
  • Contractual Correspondence with all service providers.
  • Managing and coordinating change orders.
  • Interpretation of Contract Documents.
Project Time Management
  • Preparing Baseline Project Time Schedules in Primavera P6 and monitoring it during the execution phase. Implementing corrective actions and workarounds to bridge the gap between plan and implementation.
  • Identification of Critical Activities in the project network and prioritization in execution of those activities.
Project Cost Management
  • Preparation of Project Budgets and Cost Baselines in an in house kalk worksheet specially designed for this purpose.
  • Monitoring of deviations from the cost baseline during the actual execution.
Project Risk Management
  • We have our Risk Management worksheets for effective identification of risks, through analysis of its impact on project objectives and then coming up with methodologies of handling those risks.
  • We provide risk ratings through that work sheet so that high impact risks are dealt on priority basis.